Service Requests

Service Requests

Place to post your suggestions and complaints online.
Unity Living another important feature- Service requests. Service Requests are a one to one communication system to raise the concerns of the owners/issues to the association management committee.

Users can raise service requests or complaints to the association using this option.This option
ensure one to one communication between owners and members. This will act like an online
version of a physical complaint book. Now, raise your service requests from anywhere at any time.We free you from the burden of visiting the secretary to lodge your complaint and call him frequently to know the status of your complaint, which will just add to yours and his inconvenience.

Sit back and relax, because we bring you the feature of service request through unity living- a tool for effective community management and we ensure you a harmonious community living. There are many features to the online service request in unity living. Its an online grievance redressal solution.

Just log on to you device with internet connection and raise the complaint from anywhere, anytime. Using this feature, any owner/tenant can raise service complaints , post suggestions , payment related queries etc to the management committee. You can include all the relevant information in this online complaint and it will surely reach the association manager/caretaker.All the complaints will have status (open, closed etc) for effective management. The person who raises the complaint can see the status of the complaint along with the reply from the management. Committee member can close the service request online, after providing the solution to the service request.
Users can view the closed request but further communication will not be possible after closing the complaint. Owners can access the service requests after logging in to their account. But they will receive all the notification regarding the service request to their personal email.

Our Client Speaks

  • We need not make extra effort to inform flat owners on their dues as the software has provisions to inform them online

    Bobby SebastianBobby Sebastian
    Treasurer, Noel Arcadia

  • We are extremely happy to have the support of the Unity Living team in fully computerizing our association’s accounts. It was a herculean task earlier to manage the 60 odd accounts in our complex with all the associated accounts. This was accomplished in a matter of a few days by Unity Living and we are extremely thankful to them for this. Their ready support (which we had to seek very rarely) is all the more commendable and we wish we had known about this software when we started out. Well done and our sincere thanks to Unity Living.

    VS MenonVS Menon
    Treasurer, Asset Enlive Apartments

  • Expenses in apartments fall under different categories, which has made managing of accounts a tough task. The software has made accounts transparent and enables owners to view expenditure and revenue by logging in from anywhere in the world.

    M R SomanM R Soman
    Manager, Abad Olympus

  • Almost 50% of flat owners in our apartment are NRIs or NRKs, and we had to employ a staff every month to contact them over the phone on monthly payments and to send receipts. But after installing this locally-developed software two months ago, we are able to send SMS and email alerts with just one click. The monthly collection has also gone up as alerts are sent to them three times a month.

    Anup MathewAnup Mathew
    Secretary, Kent Illam & Gopuram

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