Some tips on Home for working Couples.

In today’s world, both husband and wife have a job. If they are aware of simple tips when buying or renting a property, they can manage both their home and office without any tension.

For employed partners,travelling convenience is very important, so they must choose the location for their home near to bus stand or railway station. It would also be convenient if there is a hospital, day care center and a school nearby.

The maximum area of the plot is advised to be kept below ten cents and below 1500 sq feet.The larger your home is, the harder it is to maintain your home with your limited time.

Make the kitchen smaller for easily managing your would be convinient for the cook , if there is a kitchen top breakfast counter in the kitchen.It will not only save your time and cost and energy , but also a place to teach your children along with taking care of your dinner.

Try to avoid pets, aquarium or courtyard in your home or apartment as it requires much of your care and maintenance.If you are interested in gardening , choose plants that require less attention.For eg- Begonia, shamrock plant or spider plant.

Align your television in a way that the person can view from the kitchen.Also align mirrors in your home in a way that enables view to the entrance.If your home or apartment is under construction you can ask the architect to include these features in the building design.

If you don’t have separate space for an office , convert the corner of your master bedroom as a storage space along with a computer stand to take care of your work and important work related documents.

Even it may be costly, choose quality furniture and electrical and plumbing equipments for your apartment.  Do not build many exits for your home.As your presence in your home will be less, the security must not be compromised.

Make your carpoarch a closed one.It will prevent the dust and you do not need to clean it often.If you are planning to hire servents ,provide them seperate utility room.

Apartments are the most suitable form of living for employed partners.

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