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UnityLiving - A web based solution for managing residents association and interacting with its members.

Unity Living is a web based hosted software solution to manage the day to day activities and communication in a Residential Complex such as Apartments, Villas, Private Layouts, Row Houses, Gated Communities etc.
This is a one stop solution for all your issued relating apartment management. This one software could make the thankless job of apartment management fun and easy.

Just think of some of the difficulties you face as an apartment manager.

Do you have issues with ?

  • Managing multiple email groups and multiple excel sheet of information for day to day management of your apartment.
  • Getting support requests for issues and not knowing the current status of the issue.
  • Tracking maintenance dues from members, reconciling bank accounts and issuing receipts?.

Unity Living  advantages

  • Unity Living offers you many advantages such as enhanced community living.
  • Brings transparency into the operations of the association and improve satisfaction of owners and residents.
  • Manage and maintain your apartment professionally with processes supported by tools, than being person dependent
  • Reduce total efforts being spent to manage the complex and as a central monitoring tool which enable transparency in managing the apartments.

What do I need to use unity living? Is it costly?

The software does not require any infrastructure setup cost and it integrate all the operations in a residential community including accounts, facilities, communication etc. Unity Living improves the efficiency of operations & maintenance and increases satisfaction of residents. It eliminates all the difficulties in managing the apartments and bring the entire community together.

Unity Living is offered as Software as a Service(SaaS), which means you don’t have to install or setup any software in any of your computers. All you need is an internet connection and a standard web browser like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer. Unity Living is hosted in a secure data centre and all Unity Living users access and use the application through secure channel.

Other benefits

Ultimately Unity Living act as a central monitoring tool which enable transparency and control in managing the residential community. Unity Living is based on the concept of SaaS (Software as a Service) and it enable residents in the community can make online service requests, online access to account statement, view association notices and many more.
Unity Living is the single place to collaborate with owners and keep track of what is going on Association Accounting, Facility management and Communication made easy in few clicks.
You can manage data of your complex (owners, residents, vendors, staff, vehicles, documents, assets, income, expenses, dues etc.) from one place and there is option to raise service requests and track its status.

Satisfied Customers

We are the only company in Kochi who are the leading service providers in apartment management having a wide client base.Our services have been rated as the best by our customers and the proof -Our ever growing client base !!! We value our customers a lot and see to their satisfaction as they are the reason why we are here to help you more.

Unity Living is a product from Techversant Infotech . Headquartered in Trivandrum, Kerala  Techversant Infotech Pvt Ltd. ventured into the Information and Communication Technology
industry in 2011, focusing web and mobile device applications. The organization’s key areas are in Software Product Development, Consulting, Training, Software as a service (SaaS) offering, Product Support and Hosting.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started with unity living!!!!

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